Hello Friends!

Welcome to BrallisonBaker! This is a website where you can keep up with all of the fun things we are doing! Here we will catalog our move to the Netherlands and all of the wins and pitfalls along the way. Be sure to sign up for the email list to be notified when a new post comes out.

On a very real note, this whole thing is very bitter-sweet. We are excited for all of the experiences to come, but on the same note are going to mourn how some of our connections are going to change. This whole thing hasn’t come lightly and we have been working toward this goal for a few years now, but now having dates makes everything move so much faster and you consider how little time you have left with the people around you now. For us, we spent 3 years of college long distance and made it work, but we are the exception not the rule, and we have’t had to really try and maintain friendships across the globe before. Honestly that is part of the reason for this blog. We want to share all of the adventures and experiences with you, the closest people in our lives. We are so excited to travel more and experience something new and while our relationships will change, we hope you sill stick with us and hopefully we can keep you entertained with some updates here.

Thanks for playing!