February Updates

Hello friends! We’ve been busy as all get out and every weekend has been jam packed, so sorry for the late update, but here is a brief rundown of what’s been going on.

Starting with the house; it has been on the market for a few weeks, we have seen a ton of interest but haven’t had many firm leads yet. There is a brand new roof on this thing so you’d think it would be nice to know that it would functionally last your entire mortgage, but here we are. We think it is a mixture of the season and interest rates being less than optimal. We aren’t much concerned at the moment, but once this portion of the move is over the finish line we will certainly have a bit less stress in Casa Baker. If push comes to shove we might take it off the market and try again this summer, but hopefully it won’t take that long. Renting is also an option, though that can get dodgy and we don’t particularly want to be landlords.

Related to the house, we did a big garage sale this last weekend which was pretty successful. Most of our high ticket items found new homes and gave us a bit of a return that we can use toward the move. It is weird to see the hobbies we have invested in go, but we do feel much lighter. We think there is a lesson here that we should hold on to moving forward.

Our cats have their health certificate appointments set up for next month. We should do an update about how to move your cats, but, regardless this is an important step! Initially our vet said they wouldn’t be able to do it, which was unfortunate because we really like working with them. (Shout out Tender Touch in Kingston if you happen to ever read this.) We found a place nearby that would be able to do the health certificates, but after scheduling a preliminary visit we were pretty wigged out. They charged way too much and were unable to handle our cats. Like, Artie we can understand, but they were even shy around Toothless who is, we can all agree, the better cat. After that experience we called back Tender Touch and asked again if they would be willing to try. And after hearing our story at the other place, were willing to work with us. Seriously, we are very thankful.

Our DAFT paperwork has also be officially submitted to the Dutch government! Our lawyer is handling most of it and making sure we are getting everything in at the right time. We are very thankful for the support, and are very much looking forward to getting over there and having all of this settled.

Lastly, we are working with our respective companies to transition our jobs to the Netherlands. We think we are both feeling like we have a 50/50 shot of maintaining current roles, but if that doesn’t work out, Brandon will still be able to get work over there. The idea of a tiki-barcade is starting to sound really appealing though. Do we have the gumption to chase those kind of dreams? Who knows?! We will probably want to spend a bit more time over there to better understand the kind of permits we would need, but we are kinda feeling like Brandon’s smoked meats and tiki prowess would go pretty far all things considered. We’d have to shift the DAFT around a bit, but that is likely pretty doable.

Thanks for reading friends! Each of these sections could be an entire post, but we wanted to try and keep this short and sweet if we could. Love ya all!