Home For Sale!

After months of coordination and working on the home we are finally at the point where we are putting our Washington home on the market. We are both excited and scared, it is not only the single most valuable asset we have ever owned, but also, you know, our home. There are so many unknowns around the process, the market, and, of course, all of the moving parts with the overall move. We are so excited but making sure all of the things that need doing are getting done is certainly an effort.

Back to the house. Last week we took photos of the property and found out that we are likely going to be the only people in our area selling, which should hopefully up our odds. The photos turned out fantastically and by the time you are reading this the Zillow listing should be up and running. Our awesome neighbors have offered to help review applicants, though I think that is mostly for their own benefit.

With this step underway we can focus on getting the cats ready to go, our careers worked out for the transition, and a new place to stay over in the Netherlands. It is going to be a wild ride! Thank you for joining us for the journey.