So Your Friends Are Moving to the Netherlands

You may have a lot of questions like “why are you moving?” “do you not love me anymore?” or even “where is the Netherlands?“. First off; lots of reasons, we still love you and Western Europe, next to Germany and Belgium. Le’t’s start by talking about why we are moving.

We want to travel more

There are plenty of places we want to see in Europe and it is more economical and ecological for us to simply live closer. It is under $100 USD to go from Amsterdam to London on an overnight bus and you just wake up in another country! We are wanting to see the world while we can and this really seemed like the best way and time to do it.

We don’t want to own a car

If you’ve been around Brandon more than about 5 minutes I’m sure you’ve heard about how he doesn’t want to own a “two ton child crusher” or something similar. Truth is we just don’t want to be in a place where we need to own a motor vehicle. We like trains and would simply prefer to travel on rail more often.

We want a higher standard of living

In the Netherlands the living standards are simply higher on average than in the United States. By most metrics the Netherlands is a happier, healthier, and nation. (source:, retrieved on Dec 24, 2023) We like the idea of a stronger middle class and want to be somewhere that supports that.